Back Pain, Lori B
I have had back and neck pain for many years caused by arthritis and compression. I have used Denas hand held device with the application for hard to reach areas that plug into the device over a year. . It has helped my pain level tremendously and I recommend it to anyone with pain.
Lori Nov. 18, 2014

I am using Diadens since long.
I am ART registered Reflexologist, Approved Acupressure therapist and above all Registered Pharmacist. I am in field of complementary therapies since 1985. I am in use of many USA FDA approved electro acupressure devices since long and also certified practitioner of few. I recommend Diadens on top of all as it is more easy to operate and convenient to work within tolerance of patients. The most attractive feature is that it can be used for newborn babies.

My surgeon agreed to tape my Dens App next to my incision post surgery. It was attached to my Denas-T 3 and turned on in the Recovery Room. Because of this, I took fewer pain pills and my sutures came out a week earlier than was expected. Am still recovering. When I begin to feel discomfort, I use my Denas with and without the Apps. NO MORE PAIN medication.

I am about to telling you a very good experience: I am treating my land lady with Diadens almost twice a week. She is suffering from Arthritis and having high dose of medication.

After six weeks of treatment she had blood test and Consultant had reduce the dose of some of arthritis medication. She told pain is reduced a lot and fatigue is reduced remarkably.

Kathy (my wife) just returned from spending six weeks with her 3 daughters & 7 grandchildren in Pittsburgh, PA. She remains PAIN FREE by her using the PCM-4.

Now, an interesting aside. The night after her return, Kathy reported that she had a severe pain in her right hip, so I offered to do a PCM-4 (DENAS) treatment on her, which she said yes. She had a large black & blue spot on her thigh….so I did about 20 minutes using 7710. Her pain before treatment was about a 7-8….after the treatment….ZERO.

Wanda Stewart., NC, USA
May I extend our deepest gratitude to the developers/inventors and personnel of DENAS devices. They are ‘Simply the Best’ pain relief (and much, much more) safe, easy to use and powerfully SAFE devices I have been able to find after two years of intense research.