Massage Electrodes


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Product Description

Set includes two external massage electrodes. One electrode has needles on its working surface and second electrode’s working surface is flat.

Massage Electrode with needled surface

Purpose of this electrode is therapy of hairy part of a head. This electrode is perfect for scalp and pain management therapy. This electrode is most effective when healing:

  • headache, dizziness;
  • sleep disorders, reduce fatigue, anxiety;
  • rehabilitation after head trauma, inflammatory illnesses;
  • sclerosis;
  • hair loss.

Massage Electrode with flat surface

This electrode is designed for use in cosmetology (lifting, lymphatic drainage), it works good with so called “trigger zones”:

  • it improves skin blood flow and metabolism;
  • removes acne;
  • normalizes muscle tone;
  • helps to eliminate and reduce wrinkle formation;
  • improves skin colour, makes skin firm and healthy.

Work only with:

DiaDens-PCM-3, DiaDens-PC, DiaDens-T-2, Denas device-2,Denas-3 2014,  Denas-T-3 2014, Denas-PCM-4 2014


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