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Product Description

Improves local blood flow, exchange and healing process in tissue, increase elasticity, appearance of a skin, adjusts activity of soporiferous gland sebaceous glands, possesses anti-inflammatory, easy anesthetizing, antiseptic action.


  • Hyperkeratosis (superfluous horning of skin);
  • Excessive sweating;
  • Occurrence of hypostases, feelings of weariness and weight in feet after long physical activities;
  • therapy and preventive maintenance of grazes, scratches, scabs, cracks, attritions and calluses;
  • therapy and preventive maintenance for fungous problems (both in combination with other medication and separately);
  • The diseases, accompanied vascular infringements and infringements of microcirculation in fabrics of the lower extremities.

It is recommended to use Denavtilin before or after procedure of Denas-therapy for better effect.


water cleared, an olive oil, eftiderm, castor oil, emulsive wax, glicerilmonostearat, malavit, tincture of a calendula,juniper oil, an extract of grasses, sodium benzoate, furacilin, retinol acetate, oil of mint peppery, lidaza.


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