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DENAS PCM – an expert in the field of DENS-therapy. Universal machine is equipped with a set of treatment programs for first-aid treatment and course of common illnesses and symptoms. The device can be used for a long time without causing addiction and reduction of impact in the treatment of pain, motor disorders, recovery from injury, surgery. Distinguished by the possibility of drawing up individual treatment regimens. Treatment programs – 24 express treatment programs most common diseases and conditions: Therapy from 1 to 9.9 Hz – subsonic frequencies for individual choice of stimulation parameters.Therapy 10, 20 Hz – universal correction modes of mental and emotional state and hormonal disorders. Therapy 60, 77, 140 Hz – special treatment for pain, swelling and inflammation, rehabilitation in diseases of the joints and spine. Therapy 200 Hz – fast mode of anesthesia. MED program – rehabilitation after physical and mental overstrain, disease prevention. Therapy 7710 and 77AM – modulated modes with a relaxing and invigorating effects. Modes added to the model 2014 Screening – helps you choose the most appropriate treatment area. Menu available at a glance and the machine make the treatment as comfortable and effective for a person of any age. Features The kit includes: – DENAS-PCM with russian menu; – Russian manual; – consumer packaging; Specifications: Power supply: 1,5 B LR6/AA (2 pcs.) Weight: 0.35 kg Dimensions: 145 × 55 × 45 mm ability to set the frequency: in the “test”, “Screening” – 10 Hz mode “Therapy” – from 1 to 9.9 Hz – in increments of 0.1, 20, 60, 77, 7710, 77AM, 140, 200 Hz in the “MED” – 10 Hz connectivity therapeutic external electrodes.


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