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Product Description

To use the Denas Therapeutic Blanket, simply wrap yourself in it!

The therapeutic mechanism of the Denas Therapeutic Blanket consists in the decrease of local convective heat loss of the body and reducing the intensity of the external effects of electromagnetic radiation. Results are activation of the protective mechanisms of the body that positively effect on our health, resistance to diseases and unfavorable factors of the environment.

The Denas Therapeutic Blanket consists of three layers: two external and internal. All layers have a synthetic base. Difference is that the internal layer consists of metal micron “screen” which serves for reflection of electromagnetic radiation of our organism back.

The external surface of the Denas Therapeutic Blanketis a kind of protective barrier against electromagnetic disturbance from the environment.

The Denas Therapeutic Blanket provide body’s resistance to diseases and deleterious effects, reduces frequency and severity of diseases, determines time and efficiency of therapy, relieves stress, heals depression, improves mood and capacity for work…

The Denas Therapeutic Blanket was awarded with a series of diplomas and medals PAUL EHRLICH European Academy of Natural Sciences.

Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket:

  • increases immunity;
  •  reduces drug use;
  •  increases the effectiveness of combined therapy;
  • decreases side effects of other methods of therapy;synchronizes biorhythms;
  • reduces vegetative and hormonal imbalance;
  • rehabilitates patients, aged people, disabled people and incurable patients.

The Denas Therapeutic Blanket is included in the program “Children — Care of the Fatherland”,  developed by the Russian Scientific Center of Recovery Medicine and Balneology of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation and Nation Health Department of Russian Federation.

For the invention of the method of multifactor therapeutic effects and device for its implementation – the Denas blanket, author was awarded the Medal I.I. Mechnikov, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences with the words: “For a practical contribution to strengthening of health of the nation”.

Method of application:

The Blanket Denas OLM-01 is a potent therapeutic agent, the duration of one procedure is up to 40 minutes. The course of treatment duration is 15-20 days (1-3 treatments per day). The interval between repeated courses should be 7-10 days. While taking the process, set up an alarm clock because this therapeutic blanket is very relaxing and you may fall to sleep.

General Specifications for the Denas Therapeutic Blanket:

Dimensions …………215 x 160 centimetres

Gross weight: 4.85 lbs (2,2 kg)


6 months from the date of sale


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