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Cream for joints

Cream Bonavtilin is protection, regeneration of articular surface and joints function and prevention from their anticipatory aging.



  • rheumatism, deforming articular arthrosis,
  • vertebral osteochondrosis,
  • polyarthritis,
  • injuries of musculoskeletal system.

Bonavtilin is a new modern cream elaborated with participation of leading specialist-physicians for efficient prevention and therapy of articular diseases on base of unique through-skin conductor Eftiderm.

Eftiderm  provides passing of large molecules through all skin layers and rigorous nutrition of joints during all the period of cartilage articular surface regeneration.

Due to this articular cream’s bioactive components penetrate fully under skin and get to intraarticular blood flow rapidly. They act locally on injured joint providing maximal healing effect. Cream is fully absorbed without leaving any traces and doesn’t require washing-off.

Cream has directional effect. It decelerates progressing of osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis, prevents exacerbations, diminishes painfulness and other manifestations of articular diseases, improves mobility and functions of injured joints.

It is recommended to use the cream to improve the condition of skin, veins, and joints 3-4 courses a year at chronic articular diseases. Frequency of exacerbation statistically decreases, pain syndrome goes off, edema of articular decreases, range of motion increases at systematic use of cream.

It is recommended to use Bonavtilin before or after procedure of Dens-therapy for better effect.


  • considerably increases regeneration (renewal), improves blood supply, promotes normalization of metabolic processes in tissues of articular cartilage and its bone base;
  • rapidly removes painfulness, edema and inflammation, promotes fast healing of tissues around the joint, regenerates cartilage and connective tissue structure, inhibit cartilage degradation;
  • provides rigorous nutrition of tissues, including indispensable vitamins and micro-elements;
  • renders anti-inflammatory, anaesthetic, anti-oxidant, antimicrobial, cyto-protecting, edematous and antiallergic action;
  • promotes normalization of cells’ vital function.


Cosmetic basis contains eftiderm; malavit, aloe vera, calendula, aralia; oils: jojoba, tea tree, juniper; anavenol, extrapon V – vitamin complex: А, Е, F; chondroitin sulfate, dalargin, proteolytic enzymes.


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